Seeing Black Spots – Symptoms and Remedies

Seeing Black Spots – Symptoms and Remedies

If you are seeing dark spots and shapes floating in your vision, then you are probably experiencing what is called “eye floaters” – a fairly common and quite an annoying eye problem.

Pictures of Eye Floaters

Here are a couple of images of floaters – these are not images of real floaters, they are simply a simulation of what sorts of spots and shapes people might see.

Some people see black dots similar to this:

Others may see translucent shapes that look like worms:

Others yet may see floaters as pieces of cobwebs floating in their vision:

Eye Floater Symptoms

These floating objects are typically dark gray, maybe even black in color. They are usually somewhat translucent, but they may be opaque. They seem to float around in your sight, moving along as you look around, but they are not very fixed. They kind of lag behind when you suddenly look somewhere else and gradually catch up.

Floaters are more visible against light colored or white surfaces and less visible the darker the background is.

These black dots in vision are not dangerous as such, but they may be extremely annoying. They can ruin any pretty sight that you are looking at, be a nuisance when you are trying to read or work at a computer etc. Fortunately there are natural and safe ways to get rid of them as well.

When you first notice this sort of a black spot in vision, you may want to try to look at it. But this will almost always fail because as soon as you change the direction of your gaze, the floater will move in the same direction and away from your gaze.

What Causes Seeing Black Spots?

Your eyeballs are filled with a semi-liquid gel-like substance which is called the vitreous humour, which occupies most of the space inside the eyeball, between the retina at the back and the lens in the front.

Usually light passes straight through the vitreous. But if there are any solid particles or deposits in the vitreous, then these will partially obstruct the light and be seen by the person as floating black dots or strands in their vision. These are called floaters and are the reason you are seeing black spots.

There are several reasons why such “clumps” or particles may form inside the eyeball.

The most common cause is the gradual change of the consistency of the vitreous body and usually happens with age. The gel becomes more liquid and the solids form clumps that are left floating in the eyeball.

Another possible cause is the detachment of the vitreous membrane from the retina at the back. This can cause a floater that looks like a large disc. A more complicated form of this is when part of the retina itself detaches. This will cause some blood to leak into the eyeball causing lots of floaters to suddenly appear. This condition is dangerous and requires urgent medical intervention.

Some floaters may develop already before birth as the fetus develops and the artery running through the eye regresses, leaving “debris” behind.

Eye surgery and cataract removal can often lead to an increased number of floaters.

Is It Normal to Have Floaters?

Seeing black spots in vision is a fairly common problem. The likelihood of getting them increases with age. As a person gets older, the vitreous gel contracts and part of it solidifies to form floaters. But they can also appear at a young age.

In fact, having problems with floating black spots is one of the most common reasons for people to pay a visit to the optomometrist or ophthalmologist.

If you find that your eyefloaters are suddenly getting worse, it is probably a good idea to see a doctor about this.

If however, they are just bugging you and you would like to get rid of them is a natural manner without surgical intervention, this is a product you may want to try.


Unfortunately, there are no eyedrops or even pills that can remove eye floaters.

Eye floaters can be removed using surgery, namely a procedure called vitrectomy. This involves making 3 holes in the eye, sucking out some or all of the vitreous gel out of the eye and replacing it with an artificial liquid. This operation may be necessary for very serious or dangerous cases of floaters. For mild cases however it may present more risk than benefit – there are number of possible complications, including the detachment of the retina and even an increase of floaters.

Currently, there is also a lot of advertising for the laser treatment of floaters, medically called laser vitreolysis. Essentially a laser is fired into the eye at the clumps of collagen to evaporate them into a gas. This kind of treatment works for many people, but it’s also very expensive.

It is also not without dangers. Lasers used for vitreolysis have been originally designed for different types of eye operations, and don’t provide a good view of the floaters to the doctor performing the operation. A mistake can result in damage to the eye which was otherwise healthy.

In fact, there are few specialists in the world who specialize in performing laser removal of eye floaters. There is also no scientifically established evidence that these laser procedures work as advertised.

Natural cure and remedies

One the best natural approaches to getting rid of floaters is “Eye Floaters No More” – an ebook that covers the issue of seeing black spots end-to-end.

What Do I Do About My Floaters?

Since you are reading this, floaters are probably a significant concern in your life – they are annoying at best and possibly even get in the way of you daily life.

Typical advice is to try to ignore them – for small floaters, the brain will adjust itself in time and learn to simply not notice them. They may be physically there in your eye, but you won’t see them.

But you have probably tried that already.

You may consider surgery or laser treatment. These may work, but they will also cost you heavily and may result in all sorts of complications.

The best way to proceed would be to try more natural and safe treatments first. One excellent resource for this is the “Eye Floaters No More” ebook. The author covers the issue in depth and proposes a step-by-step procedure for getting rid of seeing black spots without the need for serious medical intervention.

The book’s cost is a tiny fraction of what you would pay for laser or surgical treatment – and there’s nothing dangerous about it either.

The really nice thing is that if, for some reason, the book doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back within 60 days. That way, there’s no risk whatsoever in trying it.

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