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Hello, today we are going to talk about advantages and disadvantages of Internet banking.

The main advantage of Internet banking is that it is no longer necessary to lose a lot of time traveling to the bank in order to carry out certain operations. All payments and control over them can be made directly from the computer. Thus, large enterprises can reduce the staff of their accounting, and small entrepreneurs or even ordinary citizens can use the time saved to solve other, more important issues. With the introduction of Internet banking, the queue to the operator and street traffic jams are a thing of the past.

The standard set of Internet banking services includes: bank account statements; providing information on banking products; accepting and processing applications for opening deposits, obtaining loans, bank cards, etc .; internal transfers to bank accounts; external transfers to accounts in other banks; cash conversion; payment for services.

The advantages of online banking are that you can make a payment from anywhere in the world, even from space, if you have access to the Internet. Of course, it saves time. You do not have to go to the bank, you do not have to fill out the paper for a long time and explain to the operator what you need. You simply enter the client and the bank's website with your login and password, fill out the form and make a payment. If necessary, you can print a payment order and save the history of operations. Everything is simple and fast! However, Internet banking has some drawbacks too.

The biggest drawbacks to cooperation with the online service of the bank are additional risks. This applies to the penetration of the client's communication channel with the bank, as well as the penetration of intruders and making payments from account holders. Such cases are enough. Access to the account of the attackers is due to the carelessness of the client, scattering passwords and visiting phishing sites that can extract confidential information from the computer. Naturally, this evil is a struggle. Perhaps the most important means is to confirm the payment with a password, which is generated automatically and sent to the mobile phone of the account holder. No payment will be made without such confirmation. And of course you should be careful when using the Internet.

Banking has another problem: not all bank customers use the system. The reason is banal psychology. The fact is that people are used to trusting money that can be touched and carried to the person you see in front of you. Fortunately, bank customers are increasingly turning to Internet banking. Nevertheless, bankers pay attention to the security of the service and give clients recommendations on the protection of their data.