Armstrong accessories for the ceiling

Armstrong systems that go down the ceiling

The great advantage of the hanging ceiling frame is the simplicity of its assembly and the simplicity of the components used. Due to the weight of the suspended ceiling system it is small - it can also be used in buildings with very large spaces, such as exhibitions, shopping areas, museums.

Armstrong accessories for the ceiling

Components - Falsified Armstrong Machines

Armstrong hanging systems are cassettes made of mineral fibers of various thicknesses that match the original Armstrong metal rails that are attached to the ceiling surface with special clips.

Armstrong ceiling components

In our online store, you can choose the Armstrong ceiling structure elements according to the surface of your premises. You can also use prepared solutions and select Suspension Systems T-24 or T-15 Albes, Armstrong Prelude or Lyumsvet. Our experts will help with calculations, final costs and ordering. We offer purchases in Moscow and near Moscow. They can order themselves by themselves or through transport companies (in the regions of Russia). For discounts on wholesale. Order with us!

Armstrong accessories for the ceiling

Armstrong calculated the ceiling

Ideally, it is better to trust the Armstrong system's calculation of the direct installation of the post-installation so that the calculation of the Armstrong ceiling component takes into account all the individual characteristics of the space (columns, rays, partitions, etc.) and that the error is as small as possible. Often suppliers of suspended ceilings provide a free calculation service, but it should be remembered that there are almost always the use of formulas that give the approximate value of the number of components to the ceiling. Similarly, the web calculation of Armstrong's ceiling is carried out on the websites of companies that supply Armstrong ceiling systems.

Armstrong accessories for the ceiling

How does Armstrong work?

The cellular hanging ceiling (Armstrong ceiling) or simply Armstrong ceiling is the most common type of suspended ceiling. Armstrong's hanging ceiling is just a children's game compared to the installation of other types of suspended ceilings, and Armstrong can easily break all records. However, nothing is perfect. Ceiling Armstrong has undeniable advantages and important defects.