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Questions and feedback about the residential complex "New Domodedovo"

The residential complex "New Domodedovo" is a compact urban neighborhood panel building with its own infrastructure. After the completion of the construction, about 25-30 thousand people must move to the new apartments.

LCD "New Domodedovo"

A modern residential complex of the economic class "New Domodedovo" is being built in the microscope South of the city of Domodedovo, near Moscow, at a distance of 22 kilometers from the Moscow bypass. The development project planned to use a plot of 48 hectares for 27 residential buildings with a variable number of floors and infrastructure facilities. Realized housing facilities are apartments measuring 34.4 to 94.2 square meters. m (from one to three rooms). In the area of ​​the residential complex there are: schools, kindergartens, retail shops, bank and post offices, personal service centers, parking lots on several levels and other facilities.

Mkrn "Novo Domodedovo"

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Forums residing in the New Domodedovo residential district

In the complex area, the developer built two schools, three kindergartens, a clinic, shops, public service, post offices and branches of banks. Created parking lot on several levels.

LCD "Nakhabino clear": risks and warranties

The residential complex "Central" is being built in the center of Domodedovo in the central district at the intersection of the Kutuzovsky passage, ul. Kirov and Podolski passage, near the building of the city administration. The residential complex "Central" is located in a long area, which will enable its inhabitants to use important infrastructure facilities within walking distance.
Residential complex "Central" is: 17-storey building, 9-part residential building with variable number of floors (10-14-12) and two-storey building. Underground parking for 87 cars. Entrance to the parking lot from the yard. The territory is arranged and fenced. Children's and sports grounds.

Setting up the possibility of paving diamonds

Rhombus paving tiles - star, hexagon, 3D effects

Among the variety of figured paving stones FEM, the paving of the Rhombus board has a favorable rational size and configuration. This is the only option that allows styling in the form of a 3D image, as in the image below without any additional costs. It is enough to buy three colors of Rhombus and place them in accordance with the "Cube" scheme.

Laying of diamond pavers

The main advantage of the FEM Rhombus Composite Stones Collection is a factor that can not be set up by an individual developer. However, in order to increase the originality of the outer surfaces of the pavings, 4 basic layouts have been developed, as shown in the figure below.

Paving the plate of rhombus

To begin with, the area is carefully planned and raised. Then, the levels are marked, the slopes for the flow of water are indicated. Water must go from the blank surface of the building to the drainage holes or to the lawns. This is necessary so as not to flood the foundations. The inclination must be at least 5 mm per m. It can also be transverse and longitudinal. In order to get a good quality base, it should be practically removed to remove the upper layer of the soil, at least on the bayonet, but it depends heavily on the landscape here.

Possibility of laying paving stones

Paving the courtyard of a private house is not only a practical need. If you approach this task with a certain degree of imagination and skill, you can create the right masterpieces of stone blocks that will decorate the site and the object of admiration and envy of friends and acquaintances.

3D paving of the rhombus tile laying of photographic catalogs

Paving slabs are one of the most popular materials for creating a pedestrian area in parks, squares, car parks, a local area in micro-districts and state houses, shopping centers and so on. The plating of turbot plates is in high demand, you can find the possibilities for laying photo catalogs and tips on working with this material later on in the article. The various configurations of individual tile fragments include the creation of spectacular paving variations that include the most favorable angular designs.

Designing a wall under a television photo

Wall Decoration with TV

Installing the TV on the wall in the living room is an important attribute of the interior. Therefore, the correct approach to design will be the key to further comfort in the space. You can create every model with imagination. But in order to become harmonious, elegant and contemporary, you should know about the basic principles of design. Let's look at a more detailed topic and figure out how to create the actual shape of the walls with the TV in the living room (see photo)

The location of the TV inside the living room

Television is an essential attribute of modern life: the whole family is gathering around in the evening to watch interesting programs, discuss what they see here. Accordingly, the place where so many events take place must be elegant and comfortably arranged. This is especially true for the wall below the TV screen.

Wall with TV: 70 ideas for design

Television in a modern interior is not only an integral part of it, but an integral center in which other parts of the furniture are built. Since most of the attention is attached to this site, it should be visually appealing and harmonious with respect to other details. Today, we will discuss the most interesting ideas about building walls with television and how to hide it.

TV inside the living room - photos and possibilities for successful design

In the time of modern technology, you will not be surprised by the TVs installed in every room in the house or apartment. Evening meetings with the whole family in the living room on the screen gradually become a thing of the past, while the rest of the living room with a TV on the wall or closet remains the most attractive design technique while changing the interior.

Ideas for creating walls with television, 19 photos

Perhaps no living room can do without a TV. In front of the TV wall, the family spends time in bad weather, so such a beautiful and practical design has such an important role. There is a large number of different wall design options with the TV. We'll show you the choices you will find to inspire your living room or bedroom.

House series 5 floors

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March 12, 2019


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Typical series of houses

Houses of the P-44 series are one of the most widespread series in Moscow. As far as development is concerned, this is a fundamental new project. These are residential units with one type, installed in the form ...

A series of residential buildings

I heard that Khrushchev had been guaranteed a 50-year warranty. Has anyone heard about this? I was sincerely surprised when I chose the apartment for myself. We have a neighborhood in the city, built Khrushchev. My father said it was a guarantee for this house five years ago. Somehow it became embarrassing. I moved out of the idea of ​​buying a similar house, collected money and bought an apartment in a new building (brick).

Urgent sale

In Moscow, Khrushchev was built until 1972, in Moscow and in many regions of the country until the mid-eighties. Characteristics of Khrushchev; height of the ceiling 2.50 - 2.60 m, small corridors and kitchens, adjacent rooms in many apartments, separate or combined bathroom, poor sound insulation of the interior walls, no lifts. Currently, 5-storey houses of many pears in Moscow have been demolished. However, there are also series where the number of floors 8 and 9, as well as 5-storey floors with improved characteristics (including brickwork), whose perspective is still unclear.

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March 12, 2019


How to put tiles on the stairs

The most practical option would be a flat ribbed plate that is suitable not only for steps, but also for expansion and entry zones, or you can buy matt pads, but this is an exceptional case because it behaves remarkably if it is improperly installed. in a stroke and in contact with heavy objects, it is crushed. In this case, if you have decided to buy tile steps with a beautiful glossy surface, a special anti-slip coat for stairs and stairs should be provided in addition to such a tile. By the way, these coatings for trust should be installed on any tile, and it looks like this is attractive. The first one is for the steps, the other for the ranges.

How to make stairs?

In the modern house there is a staircase. Ladders are concrete and wooden. This is not just a connection between the floor in the house. They need to be strong, durable and have a nice look. For this, stairs can be restored on the stairs.

How to put tiles on the stairs - builder's tips

Laying tiles on the stairs is a common practice. Not only does it give the structure an attractive look, it also extends its lifetime. However, in order to achieve this result, it is important that no tile defects are made and that its laying is carried out in accordance with the technology.

Laying tiles on the stairs

If your building exceeds the ground floor, then you can not do it without a staircase, and that the tile complies with all quality standards, you will need a high quality tile on the stairs. This is an indispensable way of dealing with the stairs. However, the process needs to be approached not only creatively, but also to support basic technological requirements. In any case, remember that the staircase is an element of increased danger. This means that all elements must be durable and safe.


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March 12, 2019


Construction and repairs

Concrete - material, of course, durable, but also can not withstand all possible loads: the edges can easily break out, or the look is considerably worse, many cracks and scratches occur. In this case, you need to correct the concrete steps. In our article, we will try to find out how this can be done.

Different degrees of damage

Concrete stairs - great purchase for a small cottage and a big house. With relatively inexpensive consumables, they are fireproof, silent (as opposed to oblique wood) and durable. However, due to its long-term use, even such a staircase is destroyed, the steps are deformed and abrasion. Injuries can not only look ugly, but they can also pose a health hazard. Therefore, in the event of injuries, it is necessary to repair or restore it as soon as possible.


Reinforced concrete steps today are very widely used in buildings of various types. Their use can significantly reduce the time of construction and assembly work. In addition, concrete steps are characterized by high durability and reliability. We can manage them for many years - for the entire life of the building. However, it should be taken into account that the stairs work quite intensely. Therefore, on the surface of the concrete, many errors can occur - cracks, tires, shells, etc. This can occur due to natural aging of materials, mechanical damage, exposure to chemicals and for many other reasons.

Functions remedied concrete steps

The frame house is poor

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March 12, 2019


Typical weaknesses of framework houses

It is therefore crucial to take into account all the nuances of technology. The skeleton scheme is calculated on the basis of the understanding of the load, the calculation of the elasticity and other technical properties of the material used, and for stability and durability, the highest accuracy is required when connecting each part. When placing, for example, brick construction, it is becoming more and more simple, since the brick has a more primitive structure. In this regard, the technology of building wooden houses is even clearer.





New domodedovo inspect tenants

Setting up the possibility of paving diamonds

Designing a wall under a television photo

Laying thues on hymen

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House series 5 floors


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New domodedovo inspect tenants

New domodedovo inspect tenants

New domodedovo inspect tenants

New domodedovo inspect tenants

New domodedovo inspect tenants