Bazeni yekaterinburg

Bazeni yekaterinburg

Bazeni in Ekaterinburg. Season 2017/2018

Two years ago prices on the pools changed unrecognizable. They increased everywhere, and in some places the costs increased by as much as 150 rubles. This year, there are minor price changes, not all swimming pools.

Bazeni yekaterinburg

Ural water begins: where are the best pools in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg there are only 13 large pools that anyone can enter. We all traveled, walked around the wardrobe, looked at the showers, placed the thermometer in the water, and checked the price list to give you detailed information about each pool and photographic evidence. Well, you're already studying titles and prices and selecting the best ones.

Bazeni yekaterinburg


The swimming pools are equipped with the latest technology and have a new, modern integrated water purification system with UV rays, which allowed a 3x reduction in the hypochlorite content (compared to classic water treatment methods in pools).

Bazeni yekaterinburg

Center "Aquaskazka" | Bazeni in Ekaterinburg

In this sports complex there are two swimming pools: small and large. The size of the small - 12.5 to 6 meters, depth - 0.5 - 0.8 meters. Large size: 25 with 14 meters, depth - 1.2 - 2 meters. At the same time, the large pool is divided into six lanes.

Bazeni yekaterinburg

Youth pool

Memorial slabs and struts, 50 meters long and 16-hour working day. This is Yekaterinburg youth pool. The complex is primarily a sports club. In the second - free time. Here are Sverdlovsk divers, swimmers and ordinary lovers of water recreation.


Sports facility "Swimming Pool Yunost Yekaterinburg" is a medium sized bowl. It is 50 meters long and 21 meters wide. Method of cleaning - UV rays. Swimmers have 8 songs. Doctors are not required to help, children under the age of 11 should be tested for enterobiosis.

Youth pool: schedule

This artificial reservoir works every day. The "Youth" door is open at 06.00 and closed at 23.00. Thus our sports center receives visitors 16 hours a day. Duration of "Heats" - standard. It's 45 minutes.

What to do?

For each age group in youth programs. So, if you are grown up, contact: