Car painting dinner Kiev

Integrated painting and automotive parts in Kiev on the left bank of the petrol station "Katrin"

Then you are now in the right place at the right time! Automotive painting is done with a quality guarantee both at specialized car service and in private motorists at fair and affordable prices.
Call us on the phone and in just 5 minutes you will receive comprehensive and qualified answers about coloring the car.

Car painting dinner Kiev

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(All types of handling and painting can not be performed as quickly, but in most cases this is true. Due to a significant increase in energy costs and the use of special materials, the cost of such repairs is higher, but quality does not suffer)

Car painting dinner Kiev

Farbuvannya avto Kiev

Aleh time to fly and tsíni at all forever the most serious growth strong і t_na farbuvannya cars in Kiev! Ale mi dbaêmo about our new and new customers and fighting for those who were our key would know, just like cars in China, for the lowest price, you can see our service station!

Car painting dinner Kiev

Services provided

The company "SHARK" is a specialized automotive service for local car repair and dyeing from any class. Since 1996, we have been dealing with body repair. Thanks to many years of experience, we can guarantee the quality of our work with our reliability. Using high quality equipment at our station, selecting color computers and trained personnel is the key to performing work at the highest level.

Automotive painting: prices

Every car owner tries his car not only to work well, but also to have the perfect look. However, it is not always possible to maintain the original appearance of the car for a long time. As you know, the color coating is exposed to the negative effects of dust, dirt, water, salt and chemical reagents. Under such an abrasive effect, the beauty and brilliance of the car quickly disappear. They may even form corrosive stains. Therefore, in recent years, many cars have started to use tuning on their vehicles. One of the points of modern tuning is automotive painting.