Price of asphalt


Our OSBB finally decided that it was time for asphalt in the yard. On the recommendation she turned to the company. Given that everything was collected (in cash), it turned out to be relatively cheap. By the way, asphalt survived winter, and for now it looks normal, without error.

Basalt Company

Asphalting is a multi-stage technological process that can only be performed by experienced professionals. Our organization of roads offers the services of laying asphalt in Kiev and Kiev. We have the necessary special equipment, we work according to European technologies, we use only high quality materials. Thanks to this we guarantee the durability and durability of the pavements. Discounts for all customers are available for a total quantity of 500 m². For regular customers, the total discount is up to 15% and the possibility of paying a meal. From November to March, there are also seasonal discounts for asphalt and some types of construction work. Basalt provides quality road repair at any level and complexity, the renovation of locations of different sizes and purposes, the improvement of sidewalks as well as urban areas.

Asphalt laying

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Price of asphalt

Road asphalting: select a tested company

The person gets used to the good so badly that he starts to notice immediately. Asphalt is very firmly established in modern living conditions. In urban areas there is everywhere: roads and highways, access roads to super and hypermarkets, shopping centers, asphalt courtyards and sports grounds, sometimes it seems to be everywhere. But, like everything else in our world, it often falls into a worse state, so it needs to be repaired and replaced.

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Ukrmegagrand successfully performs asphalt work. In its jurisdiction, asphalting yards, roads, pavements. The company will perform quality and quick asphalting smaller areas as well as large, in a short time and at reasonable prices.