Price of asphalting c

Asphalting road

Every day we go by car, we are sure of the fragility of the road surface. One and the same thought often sounds to me in the head: "As always, only 3 months passed, and just recently there were memories of the newly laid asphalt canvas." Why is this happening all the time, ask? And we'll answer.

Price of asphalting per m² - price list 2018

In this part of our site, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the prices of asphalt, asphalting of roads and landscaping, laying of roads in St. Petersburg and the region and costs of laying and repairing asphalt concrete pressure. The exact cost of asphalting is calculated individually in each individual case and depends on the composition of the work done, the scope of the contract and the location of the facility. We provide an accurate calculation of the asphalting cost of the required area per m2 (square meter) after the inspection of the facility and the performance of work in the approved period after the conclusion of the contract. We will be happy to participate!

Price of asphalting c

Asphalting of the territory in St. Petersburg

Asphalt pavement is a coating of sand, crushed stone, mineral dust and a bitumen component that binds all of the above ingredients. Asphalt as the most reliable coating has long passed the test of time, weather and temperature conditions. Now roads are asphalted in almost all countries of the world

Price of asphalting c


Attika has all the necessary equipment for paving in St. Petersburg so that all work, even complex and complex, is carried out as quickly as possible without loss of quality. All works are carried out in accordance with the technical design documentation, as well as within the specific building codes and regulations. Only materials that have quality certificates are used in this process. Many factors are taken into account in determining the price. For the preparation of asphalting assessments in St. Petersburg - the professional list (the service is free of charge), which makes the assessment.

Price of asphalting c

Prices: paving and refinement

Asphalting costs and improvements apply to 2018. Keep in mind that prices are approximate and the exact price is calculated individually for each individual item.