Diy gypsum plaster walls

Self-leveling plaster on the walls

Gypsum plaster is used to level walls in residential areas. Surfaces prepared in this way are best suited for coloring or wallpaper. Let's talk about how to put this plaster on the wall with your own hands in this article.

Plaster walls themselves with video. Installation of luminaries, application technology

If the base area is regular brick, it is permissible to use a mixture of plaster on cement. This is the best option. It turned out to be cheap and it is allowed to load thicker layers (it is often necessary for brick walls). However, if the coating is more than 20 mm, the plaster should be reinforced with a plaster. When the inner plaster is applied on the walls - there is no need for a primer on the wall of the brick if there are no oil stains and dust on the wall. Thus, conventional wall bricks were obstructed.

Diy gypsum plaster walls

Two veliki razliki

The monolithic plaster with its own hands is very accessible and does not require any supernatural abilities. There are only two initial conditions: a stable nervous system and a sober (good, apart from vacations, to a modest extent) lifestyle. Of the "drugstones" of green snakes and objects that are "sausages", plaster does not work - the handles of these are not solid. But before preparing for work, you have to decide how much you can save? Is the game worth the candles?

Diy gypsum plaster walls

Gypsum plaster make the walls and ceiling themselves

Plaster plaster - a mixture based on polymeric gypsum and polymer polymers, offers walls and ceilings an ideal surface and creates a good microclimate in the room. It is one of the most common compositions of gypsum to date. Plaster can be done with your own hands and read the information presented in this article.

Gypsum wall gypsum with own hands

Make a major overhaul of your home, office or home, you are sure to encounter the need to obstruct. This process is very lengthy and requires expertise. Therefore, it is better to trust this work to professionals. But if you want to save your repair budget, you have decided to finish the walls yourself, and then, before you mend the solution, get to know the full manual on wall-hardening walls with our own hands in our article.