Kitchen Design 2018

Modern kitchen design: photos, new items, ideas of kitchen design

The beautiful and elegant design of the kitchen is no less important and has a role in the interior equipment of your home, instead of designing a living room, bedroom, nursery and other places where we usually spend a lot of free time.

45 ideas for a modern kitchen design

Fashion for interior design changes as fast as clothing styles. Want to be trendy? For you we have prepared a selection of the most successful kitchen models: real photos, whose authors have implemented modern ideas in 2018.

Kitchen Design 2018 (200 photos of contemporary design)

The interior of the apartments can vary significantly: different numbers of rooms, presence or absence of a balcony, dressing room, separate bath tub and toilet or combined bathroom - the differences are endless. But there is one room, without which we can hardly imagine a full-fledged apartment - of course, we are talking about the kitchen.

Design of the kitchen in 2018 - fashion trends and modern ideas for each style (155 photos)

The kitchen has long been no longer the working space of each host. After all, at this place, every evening, families gather for dinner, drink tea with their friends, and discuss the news today. In addition, in the kitchen, family members spend most of their time in the morning and after work. Therefore, this room should not only be functional, but also filled with a particularly pleasant atmosphere. So, what should you be careful about when planning a kitchen design in 2018? What color solution will be important? We will talk about this and many other things right now.

Kitchen Design 2018: Contemporary Ideas (80 photos)

The kitchen is a special place in every apartment, so this room should not only be practical and functional, but also comfortable and attractive. In 2018, everyone can choose between fashion trends in design that will fit the general spirit of their home, personal styling wishes. The main attractions have declared comfort and expression of the individual's individuality. Consider the main trends in kitchen design in 2018!