Littering of thorns

Littering of thorns

How to choose a lawn

His name was given a good lawn because of the particularity of cultivation and laying. They are produced on specially prepared plots intended for sowing for two or three years and are under the strict supervision of experts. The plot is provided with timely care, the lawn is cut in time, watered, fertilized and filled, and the field thoroughly cleans the weeds.

Hard spread the lawn

There are two most common ways: "natural" and artificial. In the first variant, the soil is simply offset, then watered generously, numerous plants grow, some of which are later removed with simple weeds. This approach requires minimal costs, but the availability of fresh and necessary grasses is extremely difficult to guarantee, and this approach is more appropriate for public parks.

Technological process of lawn production: technology of cultivation, laying and storage of peat (products)

Tenax Radix, Tama-Net is an extruded polypropylene grid specially designed to produce high-quality grass in a shorter time. Using Radix, Tama-Net significantly reduces the time required to produce barrels. Radiks, Tama-Net - extremely light, but very strong plastic net. The plastic grid is just spread over the surface of the earth, and the seeds are at the top of the net. Then a thin layer of soil is placed on top and a normal production process starts. When the seeds are released, the roots and hardening parts are woven into a mesh that forms a uniform, strong structure. This ensures early cultivation of lawns, and therefore stronger soil is created. Radix, Tama-Net significantly reduces time and production costs, resulting in increased yields and productivity.

Littering of thorns
Littering of thorns

Cultivate your lawn with your own hands

If you want to create a lawn with your own hands, you will have to select the right area for it and select the required grass. If you want the lawn to grow from your house, it should be a decorative blend of red leaf and mead leaves.

And sejati

The main task of any kindergarten is the cultivation of healthy planting material, which is not possible without basic knowledge about the propagation characteristics of plants that determine the basic direction of the company ...