Construction of two-storey houses

№4. An understandable version of the house 8 × 12 in modern style. The total area of ​​the house without any other light is 178 m2, brick walls with effective insulation, brick facade, garage and boiler room. Normal and mirror option.

of 2,772,000 rubles
from aerated concrete

Projects of a cheap two-storey house

All low-cost projects of houses on two floors are adapted to the construction area (soil and local climatic conditions). If necessary, there may be additional changes in the budgetary projects presented on the website of low-cost two-storeyed houses and commercial classes (for an extra charge).

One or two storey houses

Which house is better one or two-storey? This is one of the most popular and controversial issues between private developers. We immediately notice that the models of both types of houses are reliable and comfortable for permanent residence. The main dispute between the supporters of one or another number of floors of a private house arises when discussing the economics of construction and maintenance. Choosing the benefit of a 1-storey building to save money for construction and further operational savings is a mistake. See pictures and calculations below. In this case, only a choice based on taste preferences towards 1-storey architecture can make sense. You do not argue about tastes.

Construction of two-storey houses

Visitors reviews: How much will a two-storey brick house cost 10x10m?

This project is beautiful, not only outside, where the elegant terrace gives the noble facades of the house, but also the rational use of living space contributes to the specificity of this project. On the first floor there is not only a spacious living room with a wide staircase and a kitchen-dining room, but a spacious hall, an entrance hall, a bathroom and a separate boiler room, which is very convenient. On the second floor there is quite a lot of space for sleeping and resting and a bathroom, which is very important for the increased requirements for the facilities.

Construction of two-storey houses

Installation of a two-storey building

Digging the trunk for a 40 foot band with a depth of 80 cm. The building size is 20.4 m. By 10.8 m, the volume of excavated soil is 25 cubic meters. managed 4 days. dug up May in 2 balls. plus a day for marking and measuring.