Insulation of the monolithic wall from the inside

Insulation of the monolithic wall from the inside

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If the wall is dry and no condensation, there is a possibility with a thermal insulation plaster, a layer of at least 30 mm kit and a background. The option is not cheap, but effective.

Isolation of the monolithic walls of the house outside

Foreword. Monolithic residential buildings and buildings today are no longer rarities. The advantages of such buildings include the strength and speed of construction. However, the main drawback of reinforced concrete monolithic walls with high thermal conductivity, in order to be comfortable and warm in such a house, the quality insulation of the monolithic walls of the house must be carried out from the outside. Note how to fix the insulation on the reinforced concrete wall of foam, foam and mineral wool under the plaster and sides.

Insulation of the monolithic wall from the inside

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Consider the question of whether there is a difference in how to isolate the walls from the inside (with some isolation and under what schematic), or help to prevent the consequences. This part is the result of such "internal warming myths":

Internal wall insulation: when is it acceptable and how it is produced?

Hello, please, please, how best to insulate the inner walls of the apartment? I live in a monolithic 17-storey building on the 10th floor, the windows look to the north-east. The winter wall temperature is 9 degrees. The average winter temperature in the apartment is 16 degrees. After replacing the plastic windows, the walls began to form, the REU proposed insulation with the insole, but I'm afraid the walls will continue to dance. I read that there is such a Teplomett heater, is it better for them? Isolation of the external walls will not work, you need a lot of permits. Help with us.

Insulation of the monolithic wall from the inside

How to isolate a monolithic house with your own hands

Foreword. Monolithic low-rise houses and buildings today are not unusual. The advantages of monolithic buildings include the speed of construction and high strength. However, monolithic walls have a great disadvantage - high thermal conductivity, which results in heat loss and freezing of walls in winter. In this article, we will examine the main points in isolating the exterior walls of the monolithic house outside.