How to Calculate the Basics for a House

Baseline calculation method

Building the foundation is one of the most important and most important stages in building a structure - this should be understood by each individual developer. When developing a home-based project, a specialized company falls on the shoulders of experts (a controversial statement) that is responsible for all design calculations, including the correct calculation of the foundation. However, such services are not always satisfied with their availability and quality; it needs to be re-checked to prevent unnecessary costs when purchasing building materials. In this article, we will try to describe in detail the process of calculating the foundation. More information is recommended for searching in the relevant building codes and joint ventures.

How to Calculate the Basics for a House

The effect of the soil on the foundation depth

In most cases, which paves the foundation under the house, the developer does not think about calculating the depth of his bedding, the surface of the substrate, and so on. As a rule, we lay the foundations like all, and the entire calculation is displayed on the advice of neighbors in this area and the phrases: "They say, they stand ... Where is it?".

How to Calculate the Basics for a House

How to calculate the burden on the foundations of a private house?

Knowing the size of the house is easy to calculate the area of ​​its base and calculate the foundation. Upload 1 cm. the soil must not exceed the critical resistance value. The value of the calculated resistance is determined by the type of soil:

How to Calculate the Basics for a House

Calculation of parameters and materials for base strips

If you need to calculate the construction of a small house without a cellar, you need to use a shallow base that will cut costs by almost three times. This position applies to pressure soils, if the soil restoration complex and warming up of the basement are to be carried out.

The foundation of the house. Calculate the tape foundation for the house

This article is intended for the developer who helps him to make a basic calculation of the tape base for the house, if there is no chance to make a calculation of the foundations of the house by the experts. The calculation does not claim that it is 100% reliable, but it allows you to understand the basic principles of how to calculate the foundations of the house. We will tell you how to calculate the volume (volume) of the foundations, calculate the load on the basis, and determine the geometric dimensions of the foundation.