How to make a panel on the stairs

How is self-confident shingles for the porch? Phases of work

The obligatory architectural element of the building is the veranda, which is arranged on the level of the first floor, giving the opportunity to enter the space. This design has a platform that is close to the door opening and is located at a distance of 5 cm from the bottom. For fire safety it is necessary to open the flap outwards.

How to make your own high-quality backdrop for steps in the porch

It is impossible to imagine a land without a tower with a shed that protects against sun, rain and snow. No matter how beautiful the building is completed (whatever the style and the material used), without stairs leading inward, it will look like a regular building.

Tools and materials

For a long time, the stairs are an integral architectural element of most buildings. In addition to the main purpose of the stage, it can be an accent and a successful addition to the interior or exterior. With the development of technology they have gained a special popularity of high-tech and industrial styles, whose appearance has influenced the design of stairs. With their help you can divide the room into zones, make the interior interesting and dynamic. The installation of low-lying and high-rise buildings will depend directly on the location of the stairs and porch. Various materials are used for casting, but the builders most often take concrete action.

Creating your own concrete steps

They think that the stairs - this is not a compulsory element of private construction. However, this opinion is not entirely true, even a one-day house often has three, which leads to several steps of concrete. On private plots there are also concrete steps, especially if they have heavy relief. In any case, you will be precious ladder if you only because of the fact that his erection is an interesting and lengthy process by which you can behave yourself.

Concrete staircase

The monolithic ladder should be filled with concrete in one run, starting from below and ending with the last step above. In order to avoid the leakage of the solution from the coating, the depletion of the ruins became more dense. To remove the air cavity in the concrete it is necessary to use an electro-vibration apparatus.