How to fix the fabric on the ceiling

The fabric is an elegant solution for a pleasant space that you can do yourself

The method of making fabrics in most rooms seems aesthetically pleasing. Ceiling drapery is not only beautiful, but it also has a practical function - it helps to keep it warm. Because of the elasticity, the material is well resistant to mechanical stresses. The use of draperies underlines the taste of homeowners and creates an atmosphere of luxury and romance in the old "socket".

Ceiling cloths are not alone

Ceiling floors look elegant and rich. The choice of texture and the color of the pictures suitable for decoration of the ceiling is enormous, which is why the fabric is increasingly used in modern repair. There are several ways to complete the ceiling with a cloth, we will tell you about this in this article.

How to fix the fabric on the ceiling

Upper part of fabrics: installation instructions

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How to fix the fabric on the ceiling

The upper part of the fabric: a workshop that works alone

Which modern types of roofing conclusions do we know? There are a lot of them: tension, hanging plasterboards, in the form of plaster, painted or wallpaper-beautiful - there are plenty of options. But one of the most original is the use of fabric on the ceiling, as can be seen from the photograph. This solution allows you to get a high quality and environmentally friendly interior that will look harmoniously with different styles of room decoration.

How to fix the fabric on the ceiling

Ceiling decoration (60 photos): fine painting and decoration of fabrics

Over time, they will want to change the interior of even the most refined ceiling, designed by designers and to be fitted by experts, and, as they say, "use" your hand. Such a desire often occurs among people who want to create a ceiling that causes surprise and admiration - so it is not the same as everyone. Today, it is realistic and important to make a decoration of the ceiling surface with your own hands. We are talking about this in more detail.