How to Put Parquet on Concrete Soil

Step-by-step technology for laying parquet and parquet on the concrete screed

The laying of parquet on the concrete screed is carried out in several ways: with or without a bonded substrate. Before continuing with the installation process, you must find out what the differences are between them, and in this case you can not do without a layer of plywood. If you have followed the entire installation algorithm correctly, you will eventually get a permanent, stable and durable coating.

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Before emptying the surface of the screed, it must be emptied. The coating or other coating will finally remove the surface of the hair and create the first vapor barrier. An example is a cylinder, from corner to exit.

How to Put Parquet on Concrete Soil

Parquet laying technology

Depending on the degree of inequality of the substrate, screeds (irregularities above 2 cm) or self-leveling mixtures (inequality less than 2 cm) are used. The screed can be laid directly on a concrete base and can be made on a pre-filled insulation layer. In this case, the screed thickness must not be less than 4 cm. Because the quality and speed of drying is much better, use prepared dry mixes instead of cement sand. The moisture content of the screed after complete solidification must not exceed 5%. The drying time of the screed depends on the materials used and the thickness of the screed.

How to Put Parquet on Concrete Soil

Flooring of concrete on concrete: requirements, preparation, installation

Laying parquet on the concrete screed is one of the most popular ways to complete the floor in a residential area. We will tell you how to put a floor slab on concrete floor and make a nice floor covering with your own hands.

Independent parquet floors: rules for the preparation of foundations and working technology

Regardless of how difficult the developers of innovative floor coverings are trying to improve the material, the eyes of a rational owner of a residential property are always turning to parquet and massive classics. Despite the enormous number of advanced achievements in this area, it is still important how to properly produce parquet with your own hands. After all, domestic craftsmen who are struggling to put incredible floors out of wooden boards are probably not yet translated.