Stone on a photo in the corridor

The correct location of the stone in the room

Decorative stone inside the hallway - not a new design solution. Nevertheless, the decoration of the corridor with decorative stones is very actively used (see an example of such a conclusion in the photograph). However, it should be noted that this kind of material can not be used in all cases. There are some shades to be considered.

Stone on a photo in the corridor

Decorate the hallway with decorative stone and the background. Photos of completed works

Pretty original is considered an entrance hall with decorative stone and background. Photographs of completed rituals with different design possibilities surprise their originality and perfection. Artificial stone gives an elegant appearance to each room. It can be used as a main lid or as a small emphasis on the existing form.

Stone on a photo in the corridor

Decorative stone in the interior of the corridor

Most often, the hallway in the apartments is finished with decorative stone. This is explained not only by its presentation and its ability to fit into any kind of interior, but also because of its durability, ease of maintenance and practicality.

Decorate a hall with decorative stone: emphasize individuality

The entrance hall is the first to welcome the guests and serves as the main and only characteristic of the home for "occasional visitors": only the postman sees or checks electricity meters; this is the entrance hall through barely open doors, which neighbors walk up memory ... Be sure of the flawless taste of hosts!

"Visible" is not the only feature of this room. We must not forget our high "ability to compete" and (most inconvenient) the dirt that is used from the street. How to make this space beautiful, functional, "permanent" and keep the result for a long time? One of the ways to solve this problem is to finish the hallway with decorative stone.

Stone on a photo in the corridor

Making decorative stone in the hallway: ideas inside

Decorative stone has a pleasant appearance and it fits perfectly with contemporary interior styles, and this way of closing has become very popular recently. Stone decoration can give each room an elegant and original look.