How much manual excavation works

How much manual excavation works

Earth Works - Prices of labor

By definition, "terrestrial areas" usually mean different soil treatment activities. They all include working with the ground where the cavities are made in the floor or added an additional layer from above to lay pipes and bring communication to the house, fill the trenches and pits, move the object, or plan a building surface.

Removal of soil and dirt

In addition to the above classifications, earthworks are divided into several types, depending on geometric parameters and spatial form, and can be - deep, shallow, simple, complex, retained, concentrated, and others. The purpose of such engineering facilities influences their characteristics, such as the degree of compaction, steepness and final load, the ability to filter, soil resistance to erosion, and other mechanical properties.

Ground works
every complexity "turnkey"

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How much manual excavation works

Manual excavation.
Manual excavation depends on the complexity and availability of manual excavations of the earth.
Manual excavation is carried out with hands equipped with their own shovels. The deepening of the cellar, digging ditches on construction sites is accompanied by the presence of various construction waste in the soil, which means a manual increase in the price of land.
The digging of ditches, ditches, deepening basements, digging ditches on the site, moving the ground around the city, loading to the dump and removal is not a difficult task for our experts.

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How much manual excavation works

Earthwork and preparatory work

The implementation of preparatory and excavation works in the construction industry is an important step in the process of building structures and landscaping. The layout of the structure, the layout of the foundations and, in many respects, the possibility of operating the entire complex of buildings depends on the qualitative design of the work, the thoroughness of the measurements and the competent calculations.