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Finland windows in Petersburg

Scandinavian windows have the highest thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, not least because of their unique design. As a rule, they are made of high-strength wood that will tolerate weather problems. Another undeniable advantage of Finnish wooden windows over plastic and other types of windows is that they "breathe". This is possible not only because of the natural structure of the wooden material, but also because of the existence of a specially designed slot in the street contour of the compactor or ventilation valve, which is cut into the upper part of the windows. This valve helps to light fresh air in the air without traction, in summer and in winter.

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Scandinavian (Finnish) wooden windows are consisting of two successively mounted frames in a single design, i. e. two independent flaps that can be opened simultaneously with one handle and two or three perimeters of the seal. There is one glass in the back side of the street, and a single-skinned glass unit in the box on the side of the room. The locking accessory system is not completely hidden. The windows are opening inwards. These windows are most often made of the three most durable types of wood: larch, pine and oak (for more information on the windows of these types of wood, read the relevant sections). They are therefore resistant to negative environmental conditions.

Wooden windows Sokolka window of the Swedish concern INWIDO.

Skaala, one of the largest factories for the production of aluminum windows made of wood and wood, produced a unique wooden window model AlfaFrostFree on the Finnish internal market. To date, there is no analogue of this model among manufacturers of aluminum windows made of wood and wood.

Wooden windows and doors from Skaala

Scandinavian quality plus innovation is what Skaala embodies in our products. Skaala continues its roles, while creating the dynamism of today, with strict observance of the tradition and experience gained over the years.

Finnish wooden windows

The company "Oklandia" offers a good solution: wooden windows made according to Finnish technology. They do not have defects, they differ in functionality, the elegance of the surface. We can combine them with complex window elements.