Wooden ceiling plaster

How to disrupt the wooden ceiling with your own hands

At the end of the construction of a wooden house, it is time for interior decoration. Today's diversity of finished materials is a great choice and this is an individual matter, but this is an old, good way to complete this gypsum course. Inserting a wooden house is a very demanding process - you need to prepare sand, give cement, mix the solution and plaster it is difficult, especially for the unwanted builder.

Wooden ceiling plaster

The ceiling of the shingles - how does it plaster?

Old houses and apartments often overlap with plastered shingles. Usually, the process of repairing such a ceiling is very difficult and boring due to poor shingles. However, if you are lucky and shingles in your floor are preserved in its normal form, repairs can be reduced to surface disturbance and finishing. About how to interfere with the roof of the shingles and talk further.

Wooden ceiling plaster

World first. Surface preparation

The alignment of the ceiling with the plaster remains to date a fairly popular method of surface treatment, which is not surprising. Plaster has long been established as a durable coating, which can be used for many years, but the technology of preparation of the plaster mixture and its use is taken into account. If you decide to fix yourself and consider how to obstruct the ceiling, listen to the advice of the experts. So, some recommendations by the masters.

Wooden ceiling plaster

Preparation phase

Uneven, ugly ceilings for many become an annoying problem, while the house - this is a place that should be comfortable and comfortable. Correct the defects of the "roof on the head", you can only repair it. At the same time there is no need to order works from building organizations - everything can be done by yourself: it is enough to decorate the ceiling and then decorate it. In this article, we will look at how to do ceiling plaster with our own hands.
The alignment process can be divided into the preparatory phase and only at the alignment level.

Plaster ceiling: methods, materials

Both methods are finished with finishing coating. The choice of material depends on the work to be done: the repair of the ceiling, the leveling of the concrete slab and the finish of the ceiling with decorative plaster.