Linoleum masters

The interior ends Kiev - laying linoleum

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Linoleum services in Kiev

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Laying linoleum in Kiev

However, when laying linoleum, the result can be much worse than expected. As a rule, the main reason for the non-professionals to be able to do this work sufficiently carefully will certainly make some mistakes that will have consequences. Despite the apparent simplicity, linseed oil requires the operator to follow a number of important rules, so the best option for such a layout is not an independent, impartial work at all. Given the fact that the laying of linoleum in Kiev by a large number of different companies, finding a supplier of these services at a low price seems quite real.

Linoleum masters


Linoleum is made from biodegradable materials that are heated and compressed into flexible rolled materials in various colors and models. The linoleum texture is usually flat and smooth, covered with a protective layer to ensure durability.

Linoleum masters

Laying linoleum

One of the direction of our activity is the layout of Kharkov floor (laminate, parquet, parquet, etc.). Our experts will carry out the whole assembly process, which includes: - Preparation (dismantling, cleaning, filling), floor leveling, floor coverings and floor coverings at the choice of coating (we will help you select and deliver if necessary). The experience our employees will help you to avoid many problems that may arise during or after installation - creaking, cracking, deformation, etc.