Mesto victory square setl

Mesto victory square setl

LCD "Victory Plaza" (Victory Plaza)

Setl City will build a residential complex "Victory Plaza" on Gastello Street in Moscow's St. Petersburg district. Business house in classical style. The façade will be decorated with pilasters, rustics, coves and French balconies. The courtyard's atrium will be crowned with a glass roof at the level of the sixth floor.

LCD Victory Plaza, mesto Setl

Setl City expects to start building a seven-storey residential building of the business class in the beginning of 2017 with a daily surface of 14 thousand square meters. The house will have 128 apartments, a two-level underground parking for 125 cars and non-residential premises with an area of ​​about 1 thousand square meters. m

Mesto victory square setl

About the residential complex "Victory Plaza"

Social and commercial infrastructure is very well developed in the Moscow district. Nearby there are several cafes, restaurant, beauty salon, pharmacy, supermarket, sports complex, kindergarten, gym and Sberbank office. In addition, there are several large shopping centers and hypermarkets in the district.

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The building of the Victory Plaza residential complex is being carried out in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg. Work on the website is allowed until February 27, 2017. Until 2008 Zenith cinema was located in this area. Initially Konrad group Konrad planned to build a 125-meter business center in its place, but local residents opposed it and experienced high growth to reveal the view of the ensemble Chesmensky Monastery. The result of this confrontation was the decision of the court that banned the construction of a tower. However, in December 2015, permission was granted for the construction of a residential complex up to 100 meters. In January 2016, it became known that the height of the Victory Plaza LCD screen will not exceed 23 meters.

Mesto victory square setl

LCD Victory Plaza ("Victory Plaza")

Victory Plaza LCD is a new project Setl City, which is being built in the Moscow district. The city was selected for construction on 7th Street Gastello. Previously, the Zenit Cinema was built, which was exhibited some years ago, and the site was sold on several occasions.