Low-frequency lcd in the suburbs

Low-frequency lcd in the suburbs

Low growth of residential complexes in Moscow and Moscow

The low growth of Moscow and Moscow complexes collected in the catalog will help you to choose an apartment of 227 buildings. The average price of residential real estate according to developers - Prices for new buildings - of 34,488 rubles. for m² up to 238 121 rubles. per sq. m.

Low-frequency lcd in the suburbs

Low growth of the housing complex Snegiri Eco 860 square meters,

The number of floors of residential complexes on the periphery of capital is increasing every year. Instead of a twelve-year-old building, traditional for the sunset of the Soviet era, a high twenty-two houses came. However, the growing demand for low-rise housing in the suburbs. How to explain this difference in the tastes of Moscow and regional developers?

Low growth of new construction near Moscow: where to buy housing

If you want to live outside the city, but with all the urban comfort, the idea is extremely attractive. For what money can you get an apartment in one of the low-rise complexes 15 km from the Moscow bypass?

A review of the low growth of new buildings in the south and south-east direction of the Moscow region

The enormous amount of low-growth projects offered in the south and south-east of the Moscow region is explained by the presence of large high-rise residential complexes as well as a small number of residual dwellings both in commissioned and in low-growth areas. It should be noted that the offer in low-growth projects in the south and south-eastern directions is only 6.2% of the total supply of low-growth housing complexes of the Moscow region, which amounted to 229.8 thousand square meters in the first half of 2017. m

Low-frequency lcd in the suburbs

Overview of new low-calorie LCD suburbs

The low growth of housing complexes continue to enjoy great popularity in the real estate market in the Moscow region. By purchasing an apartment in such a project, customers receive all the benefits and conveniences of city life with the state environment at an affordable price. Experts from Metrium Group have prepared an overview of the most budgetary offers of low-growth residential complexes in the Moscow region that entered the market in 2014 and early 2015.