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Demounting works (dismantling of Moscow and the region)

Almost every re-development (apartment or office) should be carried out dismantling. At first glance, it's usually not a hard job, it needs a lot more money and time than it was planned. It is therefore sensible to turn to the masters who know their things.

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Removal of reinforced concrete

Disassembly is a responsible and quite undesirable phase in the construction and repair of many facilities and infrastructure. The results of further repairs and construction work, and sometimes the lives of people, depend on how well the dismantling will take place.

Currently, the construction market is expanding rapidly, there are many new buildings that often require renovation, diamond drilling, dismantling and modification of existing facilities. Such a responsible and rather difficult task is performed only by experts in their field. The KALYMYCH team is ready to work for dismantling at the highest level in a short time.

If you turn to disassembly jobs, you will only receive professional and accurate work and positive emotions!

Moscow gas station

The complex of reconstruction of buildings and facilities in the HE-2 area was carried out: dismantling of process equipment - more than 1,500 tons, demolition of buildings and facilities - total volume of more than 120,000 m3, dismantling of internal load-bearing structures - total volume of more than 30,000 m3

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Demolition works in Moscow and Moscow

If you want our experts to apply for a job application, you just need to call the helplines listed on the website and notify the operator about the direction and extent of the upcoming technical events.

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Wide distribution and demand for dry walls due to the convenience and variety of GCR sheets, installation speed and many other advantages. In performing repairs and installations, the experts of GK-Techno use different types of plaster boards: GKL, GKVL, GKLO, GKLVO. - ordinary HL sheets are gray. Color mark - blue. - GKVL (rubber plates with high resistance to moisture) have a green hue. Color