Decorate the bathrooms do it yourself

Decorate the bathrooms do it yourself

The secrets of the closing of the bathroom with plastic plates

The bathroom, although a small room, is not perceptible at first glance, but an important functional unit of the apartment, one of the axes on which wealth and comfort rotate. A flat where a full bathroom does not work (for example, for repair) quickly loses the characteristics of a comfortable and harmonious apartment, which at best becomes a temporary homeland that you want to leave as soon as possible. By the way, regarding the repair of the bathroom - this issue should be with all responsibility. For this reason, two problems:

Decorate the bathrooms do it yourself

Finishing the bathroom with plastic plates (50 photos)

If you intend to build the crates, it is a preparation for removing the old coating. Fill in the blows and remove the blow, only needed in those places where the boards will be attached.

Finish the bathroom with plastic plates yourself

The average bathroom is relatively small, but it is an important part of every apartment or house. It should be as convenient and practical as it needs a person to take hygiene procedures, in the morning and in the evening.

Decorate your bathroom with plastic plates yourself

It is very important to pay attention to the strength of the plastic, namely its ability to break the curvature and the ability to pierce with sharp objects that are quite numerous in the bathroom. Standard size of plastic plates for the bathroom: 2700 x 250 x 10 mm.

Decorate the bathrooms do it yourself

Instructions for decorating the walls in the bathroom with plastic plates

Bathroom - very important room in the house's rankings. If it is beautiful and pleasant, it is easier for a person to relax while performing water procedures. In addition, the original decorated bathroom is always a reason for pride: after all, but the guests' attention to her condition is almost in the first place. Often, the state of the walls gives you some reason for happiness: peeling and tinted paint, old Soviet pipes and red stains cause excitement and boredom. Of course, you can start repairing a veneer with new tiles and replacing the old pipes with plastic. But the cost of this event in these times is such that everyone can undermine it.