The frame house is poor

Typical weaknesses of framework houses

It is therefore crucial to take into account all the nuances of technology. The skeleton scheme is calculated on the basis of the understanding of the load, the calculation of the elasticity and other technical properties of the material used, and for stability and durability, the highest accuracy is required when connecting each part. When placing, for example, brick construction, it is becoming more and more simple, since the brick has a more primitive structure. In this regard, the technology of building wooden houses is even clearer.

Framework house - strengths and weaknesses

The construction house is today the fastest growing technology for building construction, especially for private developers. This is due to the many advantages of lightweight, prefabricated houses, while the development of building technologies of monolithic buildings has gradually been exhausted. The development of the frame technology continues today and attracts more and more fans.

Advantages and disadvantages of framework houses

Such technologies have been actively used in the West for the construction of civil engineering for over a century. They have become relatively popular in our country recently. Naturally, similar technologies have been known in our country recently, but it was difficult to assume that the domestic methods of frame construction in the confluence are technological and functional during the Soviet era. In people of similar construction they received the name of the houses "zasypny". It is the use of slag, sawdust or a mixture of them as a heater in such frame structures.

What are the weaknesses of the framework houses?

Save the will and operation of the house - for heating. The walls are almost entirely made of insulation and therefore have excellent thermal insulation. This will be a plus in the summer heat: the same layer of insulation prevents the heat from entering the house.

To draw attention to the shortcomings of monolithic frameworks (and advantages, if any).

This is a big mistake, since in fact the modern prefabricated house is comfortable, durable and beautiful. Today there are technologies that enable you to build a cheap and well-designed house of wood materials in a very short time - from a few months to a few days. We are talking about the technologies of panel frames.