How to set laminate diagonally

Heterogeneous linoleum

Layout of the laminate diagonally: technology and nuances of diagonal installation

Most qualified craftsmen have decided that all installation work will select laminate flooring as the floor for their living space. Well, great! However, there is one big "but" in that: the unprofessional approach does not take into account the individuality of each particular room. We offer you to understand the nuances.

Heterogeneous linoleum

Nians when laying laminates diagonal - specific installation

Laying of the laminate diagonally, as well as other methods of installation, requires the preparation of the base. It is necessary to level the soil, remove rubbish, sawdust, small stones. For leveling it is recommended to use special self-leveling blends that are easy to use and offer a perfectly flat surface. It will not be redundant if you want to sweep the floor, and then just start to strengthen it with the aid of a powder. Then the surface is covered with a cellophane on which the bases or cork are laid.

Heterogeneous linoleum

How to set laminate diagonally

The laminate has a rather attractive look, and the diagonal installation method makes its external perception more sophisticated, transforms the space, increases the visual space. This is the advantage of a diagonal styling, which allows visual "enlargement" of small or narrow spaces.

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Laying of laminates diagonally: calculation of materials and technological characteristics

Before laying the laminate it is necessary to remove diagonally any possible irregularities and overflows of the cement screed. To do this, you can use a grinder or, in extreme cases, a chisel and a hammer. Deep cracks must be stretched (enlarged) and sealed with cement mortar.

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testLaminate - types, features, laying methods.

Such a technical and constructive solution as laying laminate diagonally undoubtedly diversified look of the room. Using a diagonal method of laying laminate will not only be a pleasant appearance, sometimes such a technique is simply necessary. If the space does not have the correct geometry of the walls, this will be a good choice. The usual roofing method in this case will show that the opposite walls are not parallel to each other. And laying on the diagonal hides these errors.

Responsibilities of sanpina caregiver

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Description of the workplace of the teacher of the kindergarten

The responsibilities of the teacher are prescribed in the job description. There is a standard form in which standard general provisions, official tasks, abilities are given, but the head of the preschool institution can make minor adjustments to the document, just like the teacher himself.

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SanPiN for kindergarten

1.4. These sanitary rules are mandatory for all citizens whose activities are related to the planning, construction, reconstruction, operation of pre-school educational institutions, which are engaged in educational activities, as well as pre-school educational institutions that provide development services for children.

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New SanPiN for kindergartens with changes

Every parent knows that comfort is needed for his or her child, which will ensure a kindergarten in which the child spends a lot of time. In order to make the child comfortable, it is essential that the sanitary standards are taken into account in the room. SanPiN is a special document that contains important rules and regulations relating to lighting, cleanliness and heat.

How to put sewage pipes into a private house


3. A youth educator must know:
- laws and other legal regulations governing educational activities;
- Convention on the Rights of the Child;
- the basics of pedagogy, psychology, age physiology, hygiene, pre-medical health care, theories and methods of educational work;
- methods of persuasion, justification of their position, contact with pupils of different ages, their parents (the persons who replace them);
- rules for the protection of pupils' life and health, childcare;
- sanitary and hygienic standards for the maintenance of premises, equipment, inventory, rules of the internal working regulation of the educational institution;
- rules on the protection of workers and fire safety.

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School officials

1.1. This job description was developed on the basis of a decision of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of 26 August 2010, no. 761n "on the approval of a single qualification manual for managers, experts and employees, section" Qualification characteristics of teachers ".

How to make 3d floor

How to put sewage pipes into a private house

DIY self-leveling 3D floor in 6 steps: review of technological works

Literally twenty years ago, the only way that unusual floor plans decor is to use the chintz method. In this case, the fabric is simply laid on the floor and filled with varnish - it turned out to be beautiful and unusual. Over time, so elegant soils, like linoleum and laminate, have fully extended the "precious ideas of the Sabbath", and the opportunity to create something exclusive has long been forgotten. But modern manufacturers have replaced the idea, but only with their proven building materials and other equipment.

Self-leveling 3D floors: secrets and technology

Modern repairs are impossible without proper soil design. And the desire to make design solutions for home improvement or office is unimaginable without careful attention to this part of the space. Today's building technologies and materials enable us to make not only a reliable and functional floor, but also original, attractive and corresponds to the general style of the space. We offer you a small guide to how to build 3D level floors.

How to put sewage pipes into a private house

Self-leveling floor: how to make a bathroom 3d alone

Modern 3d self-leveling floors gradually replace classical tiles from the inside of the bathroom. I agree that the floor with the effect of a three-dimensional image looks much more fun than a standard light blue tile. Now, the latest technology allows you to floor bathroom in the form of sandy beach or seabed, and pebbles and shells will look as realistic as possible.

Kitchen Design 2018

Self-leveling 3D floors make themselves

Many owners of private homes are reluctant to create 3D floors, how to do them independently, virtually all homes or homeowners are interested. The video in this case will be a great assistant to understand how self-leveling floors can be handled with their own hands.

Kitchen Design 2018

3d bathroom flooring (44 photos): relax your imagination!

If you need to fix the bathroom and you can not select the flooring floor in this room, pay attention to the technology of polymeric self-leveling floors. Particularly good will look into the floor 3d in the bathroom.

How to install external tiles

Knotted roof joining from a professional sheet to a wall

What is the best way to make outer corners when laying tiles?

When laying tiles in the shower in the outer corners of the shower entrance, offered for the installation of metal corners, t. There are no linear angular elements in the collection. How good it is. Or is it better to cover the tiles with mustaches? How else can you edit the outer corner?

Knotted roof joining from a professional sheet to a wall

How to make corner tiles.

Merge two tiles on a wall in an angle without plastic, only with a seam. Usually such a stitch is placed on the invisible side of the corner. If you place the tile in the corner with no sewing, then a black gap comes up after the insertion of the glass. Repair later, only silicone. And well, if the color of silicone and injection matches. What happens rarely.

Knotted roof joining from a professional sheet to a wall

Lesson 26. How do the tiles fit into the outer corner of the bathroom?

We continue to talk about the secrets and wisdom of tiles, but today you will get to know another interesting topic. It's a question of how to keep the correct tiles in the outer corner of the bathroom. In most cases, the bathroom rooms have a rectangular shape that has no exterior corners, so there is no such problem at all. But on the other hand, for those who create a combined bathroom or equip a niche to hide the water pipes in it, the configuration of the room can be different, in which case you must be prepared for what you need to do to turn to the outer corners.

Knotted roof joining from a professional sheet to a wall

testMaterials and technology of repair.

Problem with tile work - reduction of angles. Both inner corners and exterior. I must say that the outer corners are much harder to cut and beautifully arranged. What's the problem with working with the corners? Note that to maintain the level when moving from one aircraft to another complexity. And just like the boundary of the two planes. Therefore, problems arise in such a situation that they do not mislead.

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How to put tiles and tiles in corners

The greatest difficulty in finishing tile work is the formation of joints.

Despite the apparent regularity of the geometry of the space, there are no ideal smooth surfaces. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the best option for the angular interface of the tile, which can be presented:

How to Calculate the Basics for a House

Baseline calculation method

Building the foundation is one of the most important and most important stages in building a structure - this should be understood by each individual developer. When developing a home-based project, a specialized company falls on the shoulders of experts (a controversial statement) that is responsible for all design calculations, including the correct calculation of the foundation. However, such services are not always satisfied with their availability and quality; it needs to be re-checked to prevent unnecessary costs when purchasing building materials. In this article, we will try to describe in detail the process of calculating the foundation. More information is recommended for searching in the relevant building codes and joint ventures.

The effect of the soil on the foundation depth

In most cases, which paves the foundation under the house, the developer does not think about calculating the depth of his bedding, the surface of the substrate, and so on. As a rule, we lay the foundations like all, and the entire calculation is displayed on the advice of neighbors in this area and the phrases: "They say, they stand ... Where is it?".

How to calculate the burden on the foundations of a private house?

Knowing the size of the house is easy to calculate the area of ​​its base and calculate the foundation. Upload 1 cm. the soil must not exceed the critical resistance value. The value of the calculated resistance is determined by the type of soil:

Calculation of parameters and materials for base strips

If you need to calculate the construction of a small house without a cellar, you need to use a shallow base that will cut costs by almost three times. This position applies to pressure soils, if the soil restoration complex and warming up of the basement are to be carried out.

The foundation of the house. Calculate the tape foundation for the house

This article is intended for the developer who helps him to make a basic calculation of the tape base for the house, if there is no chance to make a calculation of the foundations of the house by the experts. The calculation does not claim that it is 100% reliable, but it allows you to understand the basic principles of how to calculate the foundations of the house. We will tell you how to calculate the volume (volume) of the foundations, calculate the load on the basis, and determine the geometric dimensions of the foundation.

Heterogeneous linoleum

Heterogenous Linoleic Effectiveness

Now the times are different. Prices rose and the whole money was reduced. People began to count every penny. And oh, miracle! It turned out that heterogeneous commercial PVC coatings are no worse, but cheaper, two and three times.

Heterogeneous or homogeneous linoleum? What does that mean?

Homogeneous linoleum is uniform across the entire thickness of the canvas. The thickness of homogeneous coatings is usually 1.5-3 mm. The drawing on such coatings is quite simple: solid, granular, under "marble", etc. This linoleum is used in areas with high operating loads: in shops, airports, corridors, ceremonial, etc.

Commercial heterogeneous linoleum

Commercial heterogeneous floor coverings are designed for floor coverings in high-level terrains. The increased protection of the PVC layer and the compact base ensure high wear resistance to linoleum wear and the longest possible preservation of the original appearance of the floor. This linoleum does not require additional costs of supply during operation. Fire and hygienic safety indicators of commercial TARKETT heterogeneous coatings and meet all requirements.

What is heterogeneous linoleum and the differences from homogeneous

Many people, when faced with choosing a linoleum coating for the first time, are lost in a large number of different expressions, labels and GOSTs. In particular, there are such terms as homogeneous and heterogeneous linoleum. In this article we will tell you what it is - heterogeneous linoleum and describe its characteristics.

Commercial heterogeneous linoleum

Heterogeneous linoleum is a versatile material for finishing. The structure of heterogeneous linoleum includes from 2 to 6 layers, and thickness is 6 mm. The basis of heterogeneous linoleum is glass fibers. Depending on the complexity and quality of the linoleum, its structure is from 1 to 6 layers of PVC, substrate of natural material, non-woven fibers or foam PVC. Unlike homogeneous, heterogeneous PVC linoleum, there are thousands of colors, and manufacturers offer a large selection of their designs for every taste. This flooring is used in areas with maximum permeability and load.

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How to build cheap access roads to a website?

Now you need to fill the prepared ditches with sand - about 20 centimeters thick, and then pour it over with water to help you better tamp. It is important to wait until the sand is dry, and then pour a layer of ruins mixed with gravel or slag. There is no need to order a garbage truck or a truck to deliver sand and gravel.

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Based on Art. 304 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the owner may demand the elimination of a violation of his rights and, in accordance with Article 1065 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the risk of causing damage in the future may justify the reasons for prohibiting the pursuit of activities causing such a danger.

How to get in a country with your own hands

Roads are divided into roads with a solid surface and without them. The first are roads from asphalt, concrete or paving stones (paving stones), others are dirty. What's right for you is 95% dictated by the budget.

How to handle the bad roads themselves

Many people think that building the way to their home with their efforts is a stupid idea. Others are sure: waiting for the road to appear by itself is even worse. The one who has decided not to wait and start building roads will have to work with patience and knowledge of the laws so that he would not be stupid.

Roads with their own hands: from desire to greed

The poor man from Bihar literally got up. Dashrath Manjhi, an unemployed resident of the small village of Gakhlor, located in northern India near the city of Gaya, shook down the road with his hand. For centuries, because of the nature of the natural landscape, the local population was forced to remain isolated. The guilty man of trouble was the mountains that separated the village from the developed area of ​​Vazirganza, where there were schools and hospitals. Moreover, only the majority of the members of the community could find at least some work. Dashrath was no exception. Every day, like everyone else, he had to travel along a narrow hiking route to work, children - to school, women - to the market. Well, if someone is seriously ill, the unhappy have been forced to turn 75 km to the nearest doctor.

How to put sewage pipes into a private house

How to set up a sewage system in a private house?

Having your home is the dream of many people. When opportunity arrives, they begin to build their own home. A number of issues arise in the construction process. One of the most common channels in a private house. When available, comfort is provided when staying in the house. It allows drainage from the apartment into a special fountain.

How to set up a sewage in a private house: a new level of comfort

Before laying a sewage system in a private house, you need to be familiar with the theory of proper design and with expert advice in order not to repeat the mistakes of others. The following are the main recommendations for most systems.

How to put sewage pipes into a private house: step-by-step instructions

A person is well in a comfortable living environment. And to create them, you need to think about how to build sewers in a private house. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the features of this process, and second, decide on the material used.

How to build a sewage system in a private house?

A man always strives for comfort and encourages him to act. The lack of centralized drainage systems in the suburban settlement is not a reason to satisfy the small one. After all, the owner of the apartments can equip local systems on the site, while leaving the sewers in a private house, the life in the country will be less comfortable than living in the city. In addition, it is possible to install sewerage systems in a private house, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary spending on payments for services for repair and construction companies.

Preliminary preparation

Prior to laying sewage pipes in a private house, an installation project needs to be developed in advance, since the minimum number of pipelines and installations in the entire city should be envisaged. This is necessary in order to save material costs and increase the efficiency of the system. At this stage, you have to design a structure in time to obtain the necessary amount of information and knowledge on the layout of the sewer pipes with your own hands.

Kitchen Design 2018

Modern kitchen design: photos, new items, ideas of kitchen design

The beautiful and elegant design of the kitchen is no less important and has a role in the interior equipment of your home, instead of designing a living room, bedroom, nursery and other places where we usually spend a lot of free time.

45 ideas for a modern kitchen design

Fashion for interior design changes as fast as clothing styles. Want to be trendy? For you we have prepared a selection of the most successful kitchen models: real photos, whose authors have implemented modern ideas in 2018.

Kitchen Design 2018 (200 photos of contemporary design)

The interior of the apartments can vary significantly: different numbers of rooms, presence or absence of a balcony, dressing room, separate bath tub and toilet or combined bathroom - the differences are endless. But there is one room, without which we can hardly imagine a full-fledged apartment - of course, we are talking about the kitchen.

Design of the kitchen in 2018 - fashion trends and modern ideas for each style (155 photos)

The kitchen has long been no longer the working space of each host. After all, at this place, every evening, families gather for dinner, drink tea with their friends, and discuss the news today. In addition, in the kitchen, family members spend most of their time in the morning and after work. Therefore, this room should not only be functional, but also filled with a particularly pleasant atmosphere. So, what should you be careful about when planning a kitchen design in 2018? What color solution will be important? We will talk about this and many other things right now.

Kitchen Design 2018: Contemporary Ideas (80 photos)

The kitchen is a special place in every apartment, so this room should not only be practical and functional, but also comfortable and attractive. In 2018, everyone can choose between fashion trends in design that will fit the general spirit of their home, personal styling wishes. The main attractions have declared comfort and expression of the individual's individuality. Consider the main trends in kitchen design in 2018!

Knotted roof joining from a professional sheet to a wall

Traditional roof supports to the walls

The result is a very durable and fully sealed contact between the roof with different surfaces. This operation is more than 20 years old and works well in the range of -40 ° to + 75 °.

Tools needed

The roof of the corrugated floor does not always have a completely flat surface. It can face different heights in the form of pipes, walls, some other structures. Neighboring - the weak point of the corrugated roof. At places where adjacent roofs are located, there is a high probability that water comes into the formed gaps. This does not concern only profiled foils, but also roofing of all types.

Installation of the roof crossing on the vertical surface

On the roofs there is a line connecting the roof with a wall, a very important place. Snow, rain, small scrap, fallen leaves accumulate there. This causes damage to the insulation and penetration of moisture under the roof, and sometimes to the room, which means repair of the roof. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, a reliable coupling assembly was installed along the connection line.

Arrangement adjacent to the corrugated roof

Dock roofing with a wall can be two types - at the top and the side. When decking the roof, you will probably have to face the problem of designing such building elements, such as chimneys, ventilation pipes, warehouses, roofs, walls. In such places, melt or rainwater is collected. In addition, in branches of garbage trash in the form of a leaf can branch branches. All this contributes to the accumulation of snow in the winter. Consequently, the load at the crossing is increased several times.


One of the important points in building a roof is to create a reliable hub located next to the wall to the wall. This is done at the intersection with a chimney or attic. If you do not pay enough attention to such hybrids or make them poorly, humidity, wrecks, snow accumulations and other factors will soon ruin the waterproofing layer and damage the structure as a whole. Let's look at the ways of the adjacent roof, depending on the material of the coating. Also consider the methods of high-quality waterproofing that will save the building from moisture and destruction.