Paul at the gym school

Ground floor

The deck for sports is made of softwood wood, placed on the edge of the roofing method of laying. This design is suitable for mounting the floors of sports and gymnasiums, scenes and other floors exposed to high static and dynamic loads. Despite their high thickness, these soils are well tightened and without the use of special devices. In the device of such soil is the very important quality of wood, its moisture and the geometry of wood.

Paul at the gym school

Wooden floor in the gym

The effectiveness of sport depends directly on the organization of training conditions: the quality of equipment, ventilation systems and other components. Particular attention should be paid to choosing the floor covering for the gym because it has to be durable, safe, easy to clean and strong enough. To date, there is a wide range of flooring materials in the gym, and among the most popular are wooden varieties.

Paul at the gym school

Floor coverings in the gym

Professions in the gym are serious loading not only for the person. The floor in the gym must bear the weight of the person and the weight of the simulators and the numerous loads arising from the active activities of athletes (jumping, running, sharp dropping of projectiles). In addition, the ground must be very strong (otherwise it can fail under the gravity of a serious simulator), it must be sufficiently elastic (to extinguish the shock after jumping), but not become a trampoline. Slippery flooring will ensure a high risk of injury, but too sticky bottom will deprive you of the joy of active games. In addition, the floor must have a completely smooth surface without unnecessary gutters and bulges, each of which can damage the athlete.

Paul at the gym school

How to choose sports floor schools: the necessary conditions

The possibilities for the floor at the school gym can be very diverse. Since the materials can be used self-leveling composite flooring, floor battens, parquet parquet or various types of coating rolls.

Halls of floor coverings

At the meeting, outdoor sports materials are divided into those used for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In enclosed spaces, PVC, linoleum, rubber, pile, wood, laminated materials and their combinations are used.