Place the tiles on a rough wall

Place the tiles on a rough wall

Laying tiles on an uneven wall: properties and nuances

The question of placing tiles on the uneven surface of the walls is taken care of by almost everyone who is struggling with bathroom or kitchen repair in their home. Often, on the walls, there is an inflow of concrete, bumps, cavities, the cause of such errors being the destruction of the base material or the presence of the old solution on the surface. We will understand what to do in this case.

Place the tiles on a rough wall

Laying tiles on an uneven wall - a special laying technology

Laying tiles on an uneven wall is not the best solution. Why it is known that the tile is placed on a layer of glue when applying a uniform adhesive layer on a even wall, then all that remains is to fix the tile and that is it, everything is much harder with an uneven wall. Each tile must select its own thickness of the adhesive layer and additionally upgrade the plate to frequently remove excess materials. All these actions require a lot of time and effort. In order to place tiles on an uneven wall with high quality, you can only put in your patience and precision.

Is it possible to put tiles on uneven walls?

The repair of the bathroom and toilets starts with the selection of construction material for finishing. And of course, ceramic tiles are the most suitable for this purpose. And because repairs are often performed independently, it is better to know in advance about the problems that have arisen during the work process. One of these unpleasant moments is placing tiles on uneven walls.

Place the tiles on a rough wall

Procedure for placing tiles on an uneven wall

In order to facilitate the work process and get a guaranteed flat surface, it is best to remove all drops on the aircraft first.

Placing plates on an uneven wall.

Placing tiles on an uneven wall is possible with minimal costs. You must first prepare the surface. To this end, you must remove the old plaster from the wall or remove the old paint and putty when talking about the surface of the plasterboard. In this case, work must be carried out carefully, as the clean surface will depend on the strength of the tile clamp to the wall.