Ventilated facade made of brick tile price

Klinker viewing the fasadni constructor

Ventilated facades - a good solution that is widely used on the Ukrainian market. In recent years, there have been solutions for fixing clinker plates to the ventilated subsystem. The method of mounting specially designed or processed clinker tiles on metal frame guides attached to the wall of the building. The special geometry of the profile and tile makes it easy to install and, if necessary, disassemble the tiles.

Curtain price and technical characteristics of the facade

A private house for each of us is not only a lot of space and fresh air, but of course, warmth, comfort and comfort. This important role is played by the insulation of the already built house or during the construction of a new monastery.

Ventilated facade made of brick tile price


It's no secret that one of the best materials of our time is clinker and, accordingly, clinker tiles, clinker bricks, clinker paving stones. This permanent natural material goes beyond almost all other materials in quality and beauty.

Ventilated facade made of brick tile price

Fasadni to the Clinker subsystem

Our company offers the installation of a ventilated facade of clinker tiles in accordance with the technology without fusion. This technology allows you to completely abandon the use of wet solutions that directly affect the durability of the facade. The seams worn by cement materials are not permanent and contribute to the formation of white stains during the crystallization of salt and contribute to moisture entering the elements of the liner that can destroy tiles after freezing, which will require costly repair. The technology without injection is without such shortcomings and conveys the conditions. And extending the temperature of the façade metal system completely does not rupture the integrity of the facing tiles.

Ventilated facade made of brick tile price

Ventilated facades of clinker tiles

The construction company "Alpika" carries out the installation of ventilated facades of clinker plates (brick) throughout the cycle, from the start of the project to the delivery of the final item per customer. An integrated approach to the installation of facades at courses enables efficient use of the company's unique personnel and production potential and offers the most favorable conditions for participation.