Ventilated facade of porcelain tile dwg nodes

Ventilated facade of porcelain tile dwg nodes

Longitudinal ventilated façade ZERRINGER

1. The group of structural units for the ventilated façade ZERRINGER for aluminum composite panels includes 35 sheets of dwg formatted in AutoCAD 2007. The components include connections to window and door structures, inverted systems installation systems, etc. This series of nodes allows you to significantly accelerate the development of the project with aluminum composite panels using the ZERRINGER system.

Ventilated facade of porcelain tile dwg nodes

Cutting a porcelain pot on the course - a drawing in AutoCAD

Technical solutions of the album and porcelain fasteners. Facing the granite facade. Ventilated facade. Ventilated facade hubs in Dwg. Drawings of individual elements of the system, assemblies and assembly options for ventilated façade elements in the DWG (AutoCAD) format can be downloaded. Download dwg nodes of the roof, facades. Self-tapping screws for sandwich panels in dwg format. EDITED FORMAT - project design work (Word - doc), master plan (AutoCad 2010 - dwg).

Ventilated facade of porcelain tile dwg nodes

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Aluminum is less corrosive than galvanized steel, but has a higher degree of thermal expansion than steel. The subsystems are made of aluminum with a vertical bearing profile method. Aluminum melting is about 660 ° C, and if it is in a building where the temperature can reach 900 ° C, a facade collapse may occur that has repeatedly occurred in residential buildings. In order to prevent such cases, ventilated façades have fire deflection elements.

Ventfasad Stoneware Dwg

OLMA offers a ventilated facade of porcelain. Installation of porcelain tiles. Our phone in Moscow: +7 (495). Recommendations for designing and installing technical solutions for the INSI facade system with fiber cement plates for the album.

Ventilated façade units: installation functions

Ventilated façades (including ventilation façades, also facades are installed) are today one of the most popular solutions for the exterior decoration of residential and public buildings. There are several reasons for this - these are the excellent design of the facade of the built-in type, the aesthetic appearance of the end surface and a relatively simple installation ...