Composite front panel

Composite front panel

The front panel in Ukraine

Modern facade systems Legro are made from a mixture of environmentally friendly polymers and cut timber, which has a spectacular appearance. Such facades have many advantages over wood, both with regard to the durability and durability of colors, as well as from noise and heat.

Composite front panel

Wood panel composite panel and WPC polymer

Our company offers the latest type of material for facade facade lining - facade panels made of composites made of wood and polymer. This is a new development in the market that materials are facing. The KDP front panel successfully replaces natural wood and has many positive properties. Composite facades, compared to wooden ones, are more durable and do not lose their appearance for many years.

Advantages of wooden plastic

Every facade (composite facades) - this is a calling card of any home. But when choosing a façade, the main role is not design or branding, but wind resistance, bad weather and extreme temperature differences, without damaging the facade of the building. Legro composite facades combine all these rare features: ultimate stability and modern design.

Composite front Legro and Legro Pro. Facades from Legro

Front Legro Plates - environmentally friendly and durable systems that can safely protect your facade. Wood polymer composite, from which facades are made, Legro has many quality properties: strength, resistance to wind load, moisture resistance, fire safety. Resistant facade systems of composite and UV rays, temperature changes, moisture, formation of fungi and molds and even before various pests.

Composite front panel

Facade composite systems, composite panels

The question of what to give priority: the straightness of the wood or the qualitative-technical properties of plastics, our researchers of our time found a central basis and prepared composite materials from wood and polymer. By combining wood flour and industrial plastics it was possible to obtain front panels that are almost unsuitable for wood and are as resistant to the negative environmental impacts as possible.