Painting omet spb

Painting omet spb

Painting and plastering

Removing old tiles Removing the old paint and tiles Removing the pipe funnel Laying the tiles on the walls Laying the tiles on the floor Mounting the ceiling Installation of the bath Installation of the shower cubicle Installation of the toilet bowl Installation of the washbasin Plumbing installations Electrical installation work

Painting omet spb

Costs of plastering

The quality and prices of plaster works in St. Petersburg depend on the type of mixture used, the need for surface preparation and the method of application of the compounds. The main activity of our company "Master Shtukatur" - plastered mechanism. We use modern equipment and products Knauf so that our homeland or apartment can get a perfectly flat surface. Costs of plastering in St. Petersburg are calculated in the preparation of estimates.

Operation and painting Wall plaster

The construction company "Naše mesto" manufactures interior and exterior plastering and painting works of all levels of complexity. We carry out all types of work: cleaning of walls from the old layer, networking, wall interference, curvilinear sections, restoration of stucco, putty, lacquer substrate, surface treatment with water repellent compositions, colored walls with roller, brush, high pressure appliances, decorative (Venetian plaster). All services provided by the experts of "Naše mesto" company are provided. We work in St. Petersburg and Leningrad.

Painting omet spb

Our key principles are:

The classic plaster is the preparatory phase - leveling the surface for painting or pasting the background. The use of a decorative plaster is possible, if it is necessary to give the desired design elements to the desired shape - this is a finishing layer that does not require finishing.

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Before starting the repair, it is important to understand where and in which spaces you will need a 90 degree corner angle. In our opinion, they are needed in the following places: installation of a kitchen unit, bathroom, shower cubicle and built-in cupboards and cupboards. It is possible to perform the entire geometry of any room, which will increase the consumption of material! It is therefore advisable to make the right angles exactly where they are needed.