The cost of laying foam in the New Siberian

Wall walls

Our bricklayers have several masonry techniques: wild, block, cross, Brandenburg, footpath, etc. Also, they know all the shades of masonry concrete and foam concrete blocks!

The cost of laying foam in the New Siberian

Wall masonry concrete block

If you plan to build a house in the suburbs, the foam blocks will be a great material for the walls. The services of our company offer you the construction of the walls of the house, which are the most important part of the whole building. The Moscow region is actively building with low-rise buildings, therefore qualified brickwork is important today. We also offer a device for partitions and other construction works.

The cost of laying foam in the New Siberian

Costs of foam bricks Price for work Prices per cube

The laying of the walls of the foam blocks - as well as the construction of other construction works, depends heavily on who makes this work, its experience and its functional capabilities, depending on which the cost of foam is changed. If the professionals you employ work in a very popular and well-respected company, the price of masonry foam blocks will be higher, sometimes even several times, as opposed to private small worker groups.

The cost of laying foam in the New Siberian

Costs of laying concrete concrete on a cubic meter

The cost of placing concrete concrete on a cube is a hot issue for many private builders. The size of the financial costs consists of a number of indicators and depends on the part of the bricklayers who carry out the project. Construction must begin after detailed calculations, which will facilitate the further implementation of all tasks.

The cost of laying foam in the New Siberian

Laying bricks in Moscow

Costs vary according to the degree of reinforcement of the brick, the height of the sign of the brickwork and the time of the year of the brickwork.
An important criterion for estimating the cost of producing bricks from one brick is the total quantity of masonry work.

Labor costs include:
- Presentation of pallets with brickwork
- Mixing and feeding the solution at the site of the brickwork
- laying single brick
- Installation of masonry nets and fittings
- Supervision of the quality of the work of the engineering and technical workers of the company "Spetskomplekt"

Labor costs do not include:
- Marking of masonry lines
- Depreciation of assets and mechanisms
- Material for the execution of brickwork