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Ventilated façade system Kraspan

Heating the building is not cheap, regardless of whether it is a multi-storey high or large private house. It significantly reduces the cost of heating, increases the insulation of the building and at the same time gives the modern appearance of Kraspan's facade system. This is the most efficient and state-of-the-art option for outdoor decoration of any type of object.

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In the past II Forum on Innovation on Façades and Roofs for Skin Building Russia 2018 recorded last year's records in both the number of participants and the number of visitors. This year, there were about 3000 guests from the most diverse cities of Russia and neighboring countries. The Skin Russia 2018 is the only CIS forum dedicated entirely to the dynamic market for outdoor shells of modern buildings (skin construction).

Bonding materials (front panels and boards)

The lining of this type consists of a metal structure mounted on a wall - a frame with special fastening brackets, extensions and guides. Place an insulator between the lining and the wall so that a layer of air that communicates with the atmosphere is defined. The system is finished with hardware, dowels, anchors and membranes.

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Kraspan Fiber Cement Board is a modern, resistant and kind of decorative facade lining with fiber and cement base, with cellulosic additives and additives, varnishing, bases and processing in the cutting of fiber cement Kraspan. Fiber cement board is designed for the arrangement of ventilated facades, facades of buildings and structures, transport tunnels and other facilities where this unique Kraspan fiber cement board product is used. The composition of the material includes components: cement 85-90%, fillers, as well as additives from fibers, cellulose - 7-12%. The sale of fiber cassettes Kraspan in Moscow at prices from the manufacturer has been our company for more than 2 years.

Kraspan: metal profiles for ventilated facades

The special geometry of the profiles ensures long life with minimal metal consumption. The carriers have the ability to adapt and move the design, which enables the acceleration of the installation to create elements.