Thermal insulation of the walls from the inside of the penoplex

Heating the walls from the penoplex inside the apartment with their own hands

Insulation of walls from inside the house is necessary in cases where it is not possible to insulate the room outside - for example in the loggias or in the basement. PENOPLEX COMFORT® plates are used for this purpose. The use of this material will help to isolate the loggia or underground space of the house in accordance with the modern standards of thermal engineering and create a healthy and comfortable microclimate indoors.

Thermal insulation of the walls from the inside of the penoplex

Internal foam insulation - advantages and disadvantages

The heating of houses and houses has become widespread lately and this is not a matter of self-expression. Under the conditions of constantly rising energy, his money must be counted, which often involves heating the air outside. And this is an unacceptable waste, so you need to heat the walls. This is usually done by professionals outside buildings, but this option of isolation is ideal. However, it does not always work as you like, and there are cases where isolation from outside work is not possible for various reasons. In this case, insulation of the walls from the interior is carried out - a method of isolation, which has many contradictory opinions.

It gets warm inside

If you want from a penoplex wall insulation and a dry wall from inside the apartment or house, take a look at the comments and comments on this page about this insulation method. Thermal insulation of walls inside the house of penoplex and dry walls is possible, but you have to take into account some shades and not violate technological works.

Wall insulation inside the penoplex

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Thermal insulation of the walls from the inside of the penoplex

Heat the walls from the inside with their own hands

Winter frosts and heating prices are supposed to think about heating. Isolation is more effective than outside. But if problems arise, our article describes in detail how to insulate the walls with their hands from the inside.