Thermal site

Thermal site. Heating and facade decoration of the house

The thermal side is a material for the outer coating of buildings with high thermal properties. It also has a nice look. For example, the heat side under the brick of the house will not only be heat, but also textured aesthetics.

Characteristics of PP heat side

Mix foam with an extruded polystyrene foam. The foam is permeable to steam, but not as a wool, of course your gas silicate block and even wood do not need such a permeability of steam as the wool has. which is ten times lower than the watt, while in the permeability of the polystyrene, the vapor permeability is almost equal to the permeability of the vapor g / s of the block and the removal of vapors will be uniform. If it is easy to explain, the vapor permeability of the cotton wool is on the 10-point scale 7, and the g / s block is 3, then the layer of plaster and decorative paint with a color that also has vapor permeability 3. Question: Why is two pairs of permeable materials good permissible steam?

Thermal site

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Thermal site

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Decorative facade elements - a way to change and choose your home from many buildings. With their help you can isolate the façade, change the architectural features of the house and protect the house from heat and cold.

We will create composite elements of any complexity. This is a great way to realize your ideas. Columns, bows, pavements and pilasters - both decorative elements of the facade will unrecognizably transform the house from the outside and from the inside.

Thermal site

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