Installation of air conditioning

How to install an air conditioner?

The choice of how to install the air conditioner in the room takes into account the location of the windows. If you have a sunny side, the cooled air flow must be perpendicular to the heat flow from the windows, with the temperature evenly distributed. It is also not advisable to distribute systems in front of the door so that the cooled air will not go to other rooms.

Installation of air conditioning

Price list for the installation of air conditioners

If additional services are required, installation costs will increase (for details, see the price list or check with the manager). Exact prices for work are determined after the team leaves the site.

Installation of air conditioning

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The start time of the installation is in line with the subscriber, the installation takes about 3 hours. Until the start of the installation, it is necessary to provide free access to the window from which the installation of the external unit will be made, and the possibility of opening this window completely; free access to the wall where internal blocks and decorative boxes with communication and power cords will be installed.


High quality air conditioning equipment is indispensable for maintaining a comfortable room temperature. High quality installation of air conditioners by experienced craftsmen will allow you to create a pleasant shade on the hot day or raise the temperature in the room with insufficient warming in autumn and spring. Qualitative craftsman services should be consulted for the proper installation of the air conditioner. Experts from "ConCity" company carry out high quality assembly of air conditioners in homes, apartments and offices.

Installation of air conditioning

Installation of air conditioning for two sections of the installation crew (in two phases)

For installation in an outer wall, experts make a hole - no diameter of more than 4 cm, depth - up to 90 cm. This is necessary for putting communications between the indoor unit and the indoor unit of the air conditioner: