Installation of luminaires on a string

Installation of luminaires on a string

How to install lighthouses on a wall under a plaster?

Of course, there are other ways to level the walls, but a little later on. In this article, we will understand how to install luminaries using a profile and lamellae to properly tear and level the walls before laying ceramic tiles. This method, although it requires certain knowledge, is very fast.

Phases of installation of luminaires for gypsum walls, video and explanations

Not many people who know how to install the gypsum wall lamps that are published below will help you understand this process. The guides for the rule are even professional plaits. How to choose and install luminaries?

Installation of luminaires on a string

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The surface of the walls and ceilings before the interference is checked by hanging in the vertical
and horizontal planes to determine the thickness of the solution and to place the lighthouses. The installation of the plaster lamps is carried out as follows:

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The next day we received another order for tiles work in the regular place apartment: kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Before the tile is still far away, walls must be obstructed. Plaster will be on metal lighthouses. There are other ways of plastering, but about them a little later. Today, we will tell you how to install luminaires using a lath and a profile. This method is fast enough, but requires some skills.

Installation of luminaires on a string

How to install the boards on the walls and what is generally

Sometimes, as structural lamps, conventional wooden slats are used by any kindergarten, depending on the height of the ceiling, up to four inches wide and up to one and a half centimeters thick. Their disadvantage is the need to remove from the final plaster at the end of all of the work, with the remaining drops sealed with the same solution, mounted on the wall with dowels, nails and screws. Made of dry walls, cut independently in four centimeters in strips, the lamps are used in dry rooms by attaching them to the beginning of the kit with the addition of PVA adhesive for greater bond strength. In this case, the gypsum walls are only continued after the complete drying of the lighthouses.