Installation of stained yarn


APPROVED BY Resolution of the State Committee for Construction of the Soviet Union, the State Committee for Labor and Social Affairs of the Soviet Union and the Secretariat of the Central Council of Trade Unions of the SSS of 5 December 1986 No. 43/512 / 29-50 for mandatory use in construction, installation, repair and construction works.

ETS 57 "Single tariff and qualification reference part of works and occupations of workers. Item 57. Sections: \ Advertising and layout \, \ Restoration works \"

3.8.3. In case of filling the 12.5 mm thick wall with a dry wall, install the drywall plate without de-blasting. The sheet should be placed on the protruding shoulder of the horizontal profile and fixed with the fixing rod SPL-14-203 (fig.4) on the BC4x20 self-locking screws with a 300 mm height. In the event that the filler hole is extreme or the opening adjacent to it is filled with a dry wall, it is permitted to place the pressure plate in individual segments of 100 mm in length with a mounting hole in the middle with a height of 300 mm.

Installation of stained yarn

Installation of ventilation façades

Protect the protective structure against adverse environmental effects and mechanical damage.
Strengthen disintegrated buildings.
Create a barrier to draining heat from the inside.
Decorate buildings that fit in the landscape accordingly.
For these requirements, a well-ventilated façade technology is appropriate.

ETX. Edition 3. Section Construction, installation, repair and construction works

N.N. Troshin (head of the topic), Cand. tech. science; Н.В. Lalykin, Cand. tech. science; O.V. Смирнов, В.Н. Transition; Л.В. Zavgorodnaya, Yu.P. Alexandrov, Cand. tech. science; V.P. Тарасов; H.G. Yaroker, Cand. tech. science

Section 10. LIFTS

1. Developed: housing TSNIIEP (parent organization), FSI VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, VAN KB, FSUE KTB RC, GUL MNIITEP, MGSU, NII VDPO OPB, GUP NIIZHB, NIIOSP N.M. Gersevan, Research and Construction Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, OJSC Mosproject, NIISF RAASN, Federal State Unified Enterprise SantehNIIproekt, Central Research Institute of Aviation, V.A. Kucherenko, AVOK, PNIIIS.