Types of brick furnaces

Types of brick furnaces

What types of brick house furnaces can you choose for building?

Are you interested in the brick stove, but do not know what to choose for a private household? I'll tell you what the furnaces are for the house and the bath. I will also sign the difference between the various heating constructions built from refractory bricks.

Types of brick furnaces

Types of brick furnaces for the home

Low-cost and expensive boilers of various modifications operating on various fuels have greatly facilitated human life. It's not easier than switching on a boiler in the late fall, setting the way and enjoying the heat in the cold season. A strange but traditional Russian stove, which is so difficult to maintain, will not give up the situation. It has been proven for centuries as the main heating device in the country, in rural areas and in the houses. In addition to serving as a real decoration of the house, it allows not only heating the room, but also heating the bed, water and food preparation. What are the types of brick furnaces for the house, how they differ - in our article.

Types of brick furnaces

Brick for home

The appearance of boilers of various modifications has made it possible for the heating systems of the houses to be efficient and comfortable to operate. But also the baked oven does not intend to become a forgotten archaism. And today there are many people who want to decorate their home with such a design. This "sweetheart" of the apartment will give you warmth, give you a delicious meal, bring the house unique comfort, they can not produce metal structures. There are several types of furnaces, which allows for complete choice, taking into account the purpose of the structure, the area of ​​the house.

Overview of Russian brick furnaces for the home

Of the cities, the problem of heating is acute. The comfort of life and human health depend on its solution. Most brick stoves not only warm the air, but also allow cooking. In order to maintain optimum air temperature, 1-2 channels per day are sufficient.


Of course, you know that the types of furnaces are different, our website includes "Swede", "Galandka", "Baby", "Heating and cooking", "Grinding with a fireplace". Taking into account several basic parameters with which it is appropriate to sort the furnace types.