Basement concept

Basement concept

Design a basement in a private house: how to change non-residential premises on a living island

The basement is usually the least attractive place in the house. This is because it is usually stored unnecessary items, old furniture, tools, cans with cannery, sports / garden tools and other containers. The result of such "storage" is complete chaos, along with the mass of inconvenience during the operation of the premises. But everything can be different! The design of the basement in a private house is easy to transform into a living corner of family holiday.

Basement basement design in a private house +75 photos

A convenient cellar is only if all work in its construction and decoration will be carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards. Then you do not have to go annually to a "deadly" battle with mold, in the winter remove the frost from canned tins and sort frozen vegetables. In order for space to be suitable for life, several phases must be performed:

Interesting ideas for basement planning

The cellar is in almost all private houses, but owners often do not devote special attention to their design. All the old things that may be used, find the shelter here.

Fully equipped basement: luxurious living room, steam bath, wine cellar and media room - all for relaxation marked "luxurious"

The decision to place the basement as a garage, engineering equipment and utility spaces can not be called wrong, but in the big house the surface of the basement is usually so spacious that there is a lot of empty space. And if the garage, cellar and boiler room are separated, the cellar is completely free. So, why not improve the cellar design, move here part of the living rooms or the guest room?

Basement concept

The modern interior of the reconstructed cellar is now the social center of the young family with a gym, a playroom and a cozy bedroom.

The owners of the house so much like the reconstructed cellar to enjoy here when they talk, have a beer and play with children. According to the owner of the house, everything is too simple above and there is little room, and in the basement you can have fun without disturbing other family members.