Living in the village

Selecting land and homes for permanent residence

Tired of the traffic congestion and overcrowding in Moscow, today there are many dreams of moving to a village village where there are fewer problems with ecology and security, and at the same time it is almost as comfortable as in a residential building. The costs of today's houses are comparable to the prices of apartments with three or more rooms, so they can be considered as very affordable.

Living in the village

Positive aspects of life in the settlement

Suburban housing has always been in high demand as urban interlaced apartments. Therefore, residents of modern large cities are increasingly preferring a comfortable house in a cottage. Those who lived in the center of the city know how the air in the center is polluted by exhaust gases and industrial emissions, such as noise on the streets. Permanent return is pushed and does not allow you to relax. In addition, modern city dwellings are usually more expensive than houses with excellent views and clean air.

Good, but expensive: the advantages and disadvantages of living outside the city

But all these joys do not overwhelm earthly problems. In particular, the need to pay for utility services is not going anywhere. How much maintenance does the house cost, from what and how is payment made?

Living in the village

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in the cottage settlement. When I wrote the previous article, a friend of mine called me and told me a sentimental story about how he lives in a cottage. That is why I decided to refer this article to the question "For men and women living in a cottage".

Living in the village

Benefits of living in a cottage

Generally speaking, living in a country house is life behind the wheel. Even before school with a child, it's not all great - Imagine that there is no husband at home, but you need to call the ambulance for the child. She and the city do not have a quick ride in traffic jams and even out of town ... Sadiks, if you go there, is something else to enjoy. The school needs a child somewhere before leaving work. In general, if there is no high income that allows you to have a personal driver, a nanny, a personal doctor, etc., then such a life of trouble. More or less in the presence of an apartment in the city